Greensborough Plaza Dental

Where is the Dental surgery located?

Once inside the Greensborough Plaza from the Main Street entrance near Gloria Jeans coffee, walk through the left hand side of the mall. Continue past Escape Travel and $2-$5 shop where you will see the lift and staircase leading up to the 4th Floor. We are located on the same level as Centre Management.

How often should I have a check up and clean?

It is recommended that adults as well as children be seen by a dentist every 6 months.  X-rays are generally taken every 2 years for adults. 

At what age do I bring in my baby for a dental check up?

Paedodontists ( child dental specialists) recommend the first dental check up be done from 12 months of age assuming teeth are present. The average age of teething begins from 6 months of age but this can vary. At this visit our dentists can discuss and advise on diet and brushing techniques.