Cosmetic Dentistry Watsonia

Cosmetic dentistry comprises of any dental work that helps improving the appearance of teeth and smile. While cosmetic dental procedures are typically elective, some sorts of treatments can give curative benefits. At Greensborough Plaza Dental, we provide full-fledged cosmetic dental care to our clients across Watsonia and nearby suburbs. We can fix everything from cracked & chipped tooth to missed tooth to bring out your youthful smile.

Our Cosmetic Dental Services Include:

  • Teeth Whitening:

Our teeth may discolor for many reasons- such as drinking tea and coffee, smoking or due to natural aging process. Teeth Whitening can improve the colour shades, restore your bright smile, make you look younger and improve your self-confidence. When you approach us, our dentists can whiten your teeth to a lovely shade of brightness.

  • Veneers- Porcelain & Composite:

People getting veneers on their teeth can perceive a considerable improvement in size, shape and colour of their teeth. Our veneers are a perfect choice for dental problems involving poorly shaped & crooked teeth, broken & chipped teeth, externally & internally stained teeth and unsightly fillings. We customise porcelain & composite veneers to fit over teeth and enhance the colour, shape and overall appearance.

  • Crowns and Bridges:

dental crown is a tooth shaped cover placed over the damaged tooth to restore its appearance and avert further deterioration. A dental bridge comprises of an artificial tooth linked to a set of crowns, and are used as a replacement for a missing tooth by attaching them to the adjacent teeth or dental implants.

  • Smile Designing:

A healthy, dazzling smile can give you a big boost in self-esteem. With these believes in mind, we provide you and your family with unparalleled dental care you deserve. Our cosmetic dentists implement all the feasible methods and give you our best to design a beautiful smile for you.

  • Dental Bonding:

Dental bonding is a restorative procedure that involves bonding a tooth coloured-resin to a tooth and is treated with UV light. We provide dental bonding services to repair chipped or cracked teeth and to improve their look.

  • White Fillings:

White fillings are used for replacing the part of a tooth that has been lost due to decay or accidental damage. Our dentists can place the fillings in any part of your mouth and help protecting the tooth from further damage. We recommend removing the tooth decay before placing the fillings so as to stop bacteria from reaching the nerve.

If you are unhappy with the way your teeth look, cosmetic dental treatments would be the ideal solution for you. Depending on your exact needs, we offer the latest in cosmetic dentistry. For consultation and queries, please call us at 03 9435 3555.