How often should I have a check-up and teeth clean?

It is recommended that adults as well as children be seen by a dentist every 6 months. X-rays are generally taken every 2 years for adults.

At what age can I bring my child in for a dental check-up?

Paedodontists (child dental specialists), recommend the first dental check-up for children from the age of 12 months assuming teeth are present. The average age of teething begins from 6 months of age but this can vary.

A first visit at 12 months of age is a great time for our dentists to check how your child’s teeth are coming in, and to also get advice on diet and brushing techniques for your little ones.

What payment options are available at Greensborough Plaza Dental?

Payment is required on the day of your treatment. We have available Credit card, Eftpos, and Cash.

HEALTH FUNDS:-   We also are a ‘Medibank, HCF, BUPA’ preferred provider.  And we can also process other health fund providers through the HICAPS system.

Can I claim my child’s dental services through Medicare?

Greensborough Plaza dental participates in the Governments ‘Child Dental Benefits Schedule’ (COBS) Medicare scheme, for children aged 2-17. We charge the rebate fee only on the day, and then if you qualify for      the rebate fee you can claim back the amount on the same day at a Medicare office.

Please bring your Medicare card in for eligibility status. (Notify staff upon arrival if you want to claim rebate).